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you'd want a voodoo doll

Can’t Get Much Weirder—or More Real: ‘Plano’ at Quantum

A new dark comedy in Pittsburgh, by way of Texas, lights up the stage

' actors (L to R) Tim McGeever

Enter the Maze: Quantum’s ‘Chatterton’ Will Take You Through

Quantum Theatre’s new play messes with your mind rather thoroughly—and artfully.

' actors (L to R) Tim McGeever

September Theater Guide: Is It ‘Fake History’ or Is It Art? 

Plays that re-imagine history are highlights of a loaded Pittsburgh theater schedule this month.

updated version in which Cinderella gets more than her prince. With the help of Fairy Godmother (L) and friends

May Theater Guide: Two of Everything?

Good things come in pairs, and there seem to be lots of them in Pittsburgh’s theater schedule this month.

if any

‘Holmes and Watson’ at Kinetic: The Riddler Strikes

Kinetic Theatre brings an intriguing new Sherlock Holmes play to Pittsburgh.

Karla (Jenni Putney) is astonished by Don (Tim McGeever) as Marcie (Helena Ruoti) and Geena (Kendra McLaughlin) recuperate. photo: Kristi Jan Hoover.

City Theatre’s ‘A Funny Thing Happened…’ Is a Humorous and Dramatic Diversion

Good material and a talented cast make this play an enjoyable ride.

guys! That's our patriarchal God (Marcus Stevens) in the center

Alternate Theology: ‘An Act of God’ at The Public

Pittsburgh Public Theater’s latest play is a comedy about the God you’ve always wanted to know.

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