Tom Green

serious side of Tom Green.

Tom Green Performs at Pittsburgh Improv; Tool, Incubus, and The Neighbourhood in Area Concerts (Fri., 11/8/19)

Tom Green, Tool, Incubus, The Neighbourhood, Donna the Buffalo, The Devil Wears Prada, David Allan Coe

serious side of Tom Green.

Comedian Tom Green at Pittsburgh Improv; Fair in the Park and Pittsburgh Irish Festival Open (Fri., 9/8/17)

Tom Green, A Fair in the Park, Pittsburgh Irish Festival

serious side of Tom Green.

Tom Green: Entertainment Renaissance Man

Tom Green is driven toward comedic success. He always has been. Green never wanted to wait to be discovered; he’s always been in the comic vanguard compelling audiences to pay attention to him. At the tender age of 15 when most kids are self-conscious, worried about acne and getting a date, he was performing standup…

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