South Side BBQ Co. on the South Side and on the Road; Parker’s PGH Serving Dormont Dogs and More (Tues., 9/12/17)

1) Since the late ‘80s, Pat Joyce had owned or run the 17th St. Café until he decided it was time for something new. With help from his brother, Mike Joyce, the 17th St. Café was reborn as The South Side BBQ Company. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and has a brunch menu on weekends. They also cater. In addition to offering the best of Carolina, St. Louis, and Texas hospitality, the restaurant has a Pittsburgh original—the Bar-Ba-Cone! That’s chicken or pulled pork, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese … in a waffle cone. And if you think you’ve seen The South Side BBQ Company outside the South Side, it is because the brothers also operate a food truck, “CarnivoreMobile.” 75 S. 17th St., South Side. (CM)

2) Dormont Dogs may have gone to heaven, but mourners can still order a Dormont dog at Parker’s Pgh, the sandwich-shop now in its place. The menu offers “the original ‘dormont dogs,’” including hot dogs named after Dormont streets, just like the old hotdog shop used to have. Parker’s of course boasts plenty of its own originals. It’s these options that have made it the packed establishment it is today. Located just off Potomac Avenue, Dormont’s main drag, Parker’s specializes in sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch, plus salads, and sides. Customers can build their own, pick a menu item, or leave their culinary fate in the hands of the artisans with The Lottery Ticket—the staff picks the bun, meats, cheese, and condiments. Their bacon mac and cheese is a hit, and they proudly brew Zeke’s coffee. They also have a limited daily amount of pretzels from the South Side’s Pretzel Shop. Local delivery is available during lunch hours as well. 2911 Glenmore Ave., Dormont. (CM)