Welcome and thanks for visiting Entertainment Central, Pittsburgh’s exciting new entertainment site! Our mission is to be a reliable, interesting and relevant source of entertainment information for you. To achieve that goal we have built an entertainment Ferrari—a site that has a hot, clean design, gets you where you want to go fast, and is fun to drive (use).

We will be adding more interesting content and fun functions. We are extremely proud to have on the Entertainment Central team Mike Vargo, a very knowledgeable theater reviewer; Rick Handler, an experienced writer who will cover several topics including music; and some rising star writers including Christopher Maggio. Every day Entertainment Central will provide you with Cool Picks, events big and small around the region that we think will be fun for you.

Please tell your friends and family about Entertainment Central. Our desire is to put more fun in your life. We want Entertainment Central to be Your  digital source for entertainment info and excitement!

At Entertainment Central we strive to be a responsible environmentally focused organization. We reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, using recycled paper for printing, keeping our vehicles and tires properly maintained,  and powering our servers with a hosting company that also believes in reducing their carbon foot print and is 100% carbon neutral, using only renewable energy.

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