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The latest curtain-risings in theater and dance

Pittsburgh Opera is producing 'La Traviata' this month at the Benedum. (Photo by Dana Sohm for Lyric Opera of Kansas City.)

Theater Guide March 2024: March Makes Way for New Theater, Creative Dance, and Classic Broadway

Powerful shows kick off a robust March of dance and Broadway faves.

With their jobs on the line, Faye (Etta Cox), Shanita (Saige Smith), and Dez (Brenden Peifer) can only play the hands they’ve been dealt.

Barebones’ ‘Skeleton Crew’ Rattles with Relevance

Barebones productions assembles a powerful production with ‘Skeleton Crew.’

(L. to R.) Trinity Posey, Sam McLellan, and Sam Nackman in 'The Book of Norman' North American tour, onstage at the Benedum this month. (Photo: Julieta Cervante)

February 2024 Theater Guide: Pursue Your Passions

This February is a small month with large theater choices.

Elias Burke (Aidan Wharton) finds eternal redemption, inspiring the cast of the musical ode to Bob Dylan.

PNC Broadway’s ‘Girl From The North Country’ Dishes Out Dylan in Style

Dylan songs served in dramatic fashion.

Avery Walz and Alan Obuzor perform in Texture Contemporary Ballet's 'The Nutcracker.' (Photo: Gary Stone)

December 2023 Theater Guide: The Reason for the Season is Love

The holiday season is upon us, gather round with a cup of eggnog and see what Christmas productions pique your interest.

The Comedy (and Tragedy) of Fucking Things Up: ‘American Buffalo’ at barebones

A new production of an old Mamet play hits the right notes, from silly to serious.

Kyle Albertson as The Flying Dutchman finds land and hope.

Pittsburgh Opera’s ‘The Flying Dutchman’ Soars with Great Talent

The opera ‘The Flying Dutchman,’ like the ghostly mariner, only appears every so often at Pittsburgh Opera.

'Mrs. Doubtfire' is onstage for the PNC Broadway series. Pictured here: (L to R) Axel Bernard Rimmele (Christopher Hillard), Giselle Gutierrez (Lydia Hillard), Rob McClure (Euphegenia Doubtfire), and Kennedy Alexandra Pitney (Natalie Hillard). Photo by Joan Marcus.

November 2023 Theater Guide: Take a Stand for Great Theater This Month

There’s an abundance of interesting character driven dramas this month.

Perfect Storm: Quantum’s ‘The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk’ 

A musical play about Marc and Bella Chagall? Sounds exotic, but it hits home on many fronts at once.

Curtis Henshaw (Kymir Cogdell-Freeman) is in the lead with Abcd (Malic Maat) closing in.

Pittsburgh Playwrights’ ‘The Bluegrass Mile’: Win, Place or Show, This Is a Play to Bet On!

It’s not who finishes first, it’s who lasts.

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