Dining reviews and tales of epicurean delight


Chef Kevin Sousa’s Road to Braddock

Superior Motors restaurant is a new gear in Braddock’s ecosystem.

but he's serious about serving the best in seasonal fare. Seen here on the server's side of Union Standard's open kitchen.|Chef Stevens may dress casually

Union Standard: A Look at an Ever-Evolving, Seasonal Restaurant

Chef Derek Stevens’ first restaurant is cool and casual with a regionally based menu.

tree-cut tables and counters.|The Rastafarian wrap with Torts and a side of Burgh Bites slaw.|The restaurant features some creative lighting fixtures. Notice the light in the background made from an old maple syrup bottle.|Head Chef Jon Tryc (L.) and owner Ricci Minella (R.) enjoy creating delicious food and interacting with customers.

Brick N’ Mortar Fulfills Owner’s Dream, Fills Customers’ Bellies

Burgh Bites food truck gets a brick-and-mortar location: Brick N’ Mortar in Heiberg, featuring old favorites plus equally icious, new items.

One of Crust Café's good-looking pizza pies.|Crust Café and Pizzeria is located in Upper St. Clair near its border with Mt. Lebanon.|Boo Sowers (L.) greeting customers and taking their orders.|Owner Jim Hochendoner preparing a small pepperoni and cheese pizza.|The Italian sandwich features savory Italian meats and cheese.|Crust Café and Pizzeria is located in Upper St. Clair near its border with Mt. Lebanon.|Crust Café is a good place to eat pizza and watch sports.

Crust Café and Pizzeria Continues To Rise

Upper St. Clair restaurant is a friendly destination for pizza aficionados.

northern tamale

Totopo Continues Proud Mexican Culinary Traditions

Mt. Lebanon restaurant is a festive place for dining and drinking.

ready to rock your world.|Grilled chicken lunchtime entree.|Sandwich of the Day

Block 292: A Fresh, Local Cafe and Market in Mt. Lebanon

On-premises butchering, seasonal ingredients, and culinary talent add up to a remarkable new place on Beverly Road.

smoked pork loin chop

Max’s Allegheny Tavern, A Wunderbar Dining Experience

Max’s features an extensive menu of German and American favorites and some very interesting beer offerings.

one slice with pepperoni

Longtime Family-Owned Pizza Parlors: Oakland’s Hidden Gems

Oakland offers academics, art, and history, so it’s no wonder its pizza shops sometimes get eclipsed despite operating for years. We at Entertainment Central sought to highlight them.

This meal is what I used to order as a young child with my family at Chinatown Inn.|The comfortable interior of Chinatown Inn.|Crab Rangoon with dipping sauce.|J.B's Shrimp and Steamed Brown Rice with the sauce on the side.|Chinatown Inn on Third Avenue has been open for over sixty five years.

Chinatown Inn: A Downtown Tradition Continues

One of Pittsburgh’s oldest Chinese restaurants continues to serve and prosper.

the "carriages" are filled with mozzarella.||An Il Pizzaiolo chef

Il Pizzaiolo Market Square a Paragon of Fine Dining

Exemplary Neapolitan fare and top-notch service make Il Pizzaiolo Market Square the mo restaurant in an area chockablock with gastronomic options. We also learn of future prospects for this thriving franchise.

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