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to come and enjoy his show.

Impressionist Pablo Francisco: Comedy Jukebox

Entertainment Central catches up with comedian and impressionist Pablo Francisco. We learn about new twists on classic material and his comedic roots.

Aires Spears power reader

Aries Spears: Funny Kid to Funnyman

When growing up in the New York City area, Aries Spears was the funny kid in his family.

The crowd is loving The Dirty Ball. photo: Jonathan Greene

Anything Goes: Six “Dirty” Years at Attack Theatre’s Dirty Ball

“Do you want to go to the Dirty Ball?” “The what?” “The Dirty Ball.” “What’s a Dirty Ball?” “I’m not sure, but I have two free tickets.” Before 2009, I’d never heard of  Attack Theatre’s Dirty Ball. The only Pittsburgh theaters I knew about were in the Cultural District. I’d just moved back to the…

stylish and charming.

Entertainment Unlimited: That’s Cedric

It used to be said that soul singer James Brown was the hardest working man in show business. One contender for that title today is Cedric the Entertainer. A cultural touchstone for contemporary American society, Cedric entertains us in a multitude of ways—as a comedian, actor, TV-show host, and singer, performing both on screen and…

serious side of Tom Green.

Tom Green: Entertainment Renaissance Man

Tom Green is driven toward comedic success. He always has been. Green never wanted to wait to be discovered; he’s always been in the comic vanguard compelling audiences to pay attention to him. At the tender age of 15 when most kids are self-conscious, worried about acne and getting a date, he was performing standup…

There's nothing funny about this clown! (Courtesy of Scarehouse 2013. (Photo by Jason Cohn)|I told you not to open that door! (Photo courtesy of Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction)|A creature emerging from the Scarehouse Basement|A new-age horror! (courtesy of Scarehouse 2013. Photo by Jason Cohn)|Human - The Other White Meat.|She died on the table.|Chain link massacre (Photo courtesy of Hundred Acres Manor Haunted Attraction)|Don't even think of playing with the ScareHouse Doll Maker's dolls! (Photo courtesy Scarehouse 2013. Photo by Jason Cohn)|Time for your boo shot. (photo courtesy of Terror Town)

Tricks, Treats, and Halloween Fun

Autumn isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but maybe it should be. Think about it. The heat and humidity of the brutal Pittsburgh summer are finally waning, it’s cool enough for a hoodie at night, and the warm, rustic colors of fall make a comeback. I’m enjoying the foliage on my afternoon commute as I approach the inbound Fort Pitt Tunnels…

Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli: A Very Funny Sister

  “ your sister that won’t shut up” is how star comedian Tammy Pescatelli described her brand of comedy in a recent phone interview. She begins a three-day stint at the Pittsburgh Improv tonight. Family is a source of both humor and angst for Pescatelli, who was raised outside of Cleveland, in a large Italian household, the…

|Steel Cactus Interior|exterior shot of Steel cactus

Shadyside’s Smooth New Cantina, The Steel Cactus

For this mission, the Recon Patrol (RP) went deep undercover in order to bring you the lowdown on a new spot in Shadyside, The Steel Cactus: Authentic Mexican Restaurante & Cantina. We spent a few nights snooping around this smooth-loing, modern cantina, the latest offering from the AMP’D  Group (who brought you  South Side’s “Local” and…

Exterior Shot of Mt. Lebanon's Saloon

Mount Lebanon’s Saloon Continues to Please

The Entertainment Central Recon Patrol is stepping out of the city and into the suburbs to bring you the scoop on The Saloon, a Mt. Lebanon staple that has been serving the South Hills for over 30 years.  And while everyone in this self-proclaimed “Cheers-style” bar might not know your name, you certainly won’t have…

New Rowdy Bar on the South Side

We just got this dispatch in from the Entertainment Central Pittsburgh Recon Patrol: We had noticed a new, brightly colored well-lit bar on Carson Street while engaging in nighttime patrols recently. The Rowdy Buck sounded intriguing; and seemd like a place worth checking out on a recent Friday night. The doorman was big and friendly.…

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