“Beauty and the Beast”

One reason great stories are “timeless” is that they can be told many different ways. Beauty and the Beast began as an adult fantasy tale written in France in the  

Royal Ballet of Cambodia

Royal Ballet of Cambodia continues the 1,000-year-old Khmer classical dance style originally performed at royal events and ceremonies. The ballet's chief choreographer is Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi of Cambodia. In Khmer classical  
Dancers from the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet in Action. photo: Sharen Bradford

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Over the decades, the Pittsburgh Dance Council has stayed relentlessly "modern" by bringing to town the world's most acclaimed modern-dance companies. Some of these do highly experimental work that doesn't even look like  

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre at Hartwood

Even if you don't know a pirouette from a penché, this a great chance to see poetry in motion. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre performs tonight at Hartwood Acres amphitheater as part of the Allegheny