feeding the dragon

Bryan Cranston and wife Robin Dearden at an Emmy party in 2008. photo: watchwithkristin and Wikipedia.

Busy Day at City Theatre with Bryan Cranston and ‘Feeding the Dragon’ (Sun., 11/20/16)

Bryan Cranston, ‘Feeding the Dragon,’ ‘The Girl on the Train’

Shylock (James FitzGerald) pleads his case in a land where the deck is stacked against him.

PICT Staging ‘The Merchant of Venice’; ‘Feeding the Dragon’ at City Theatre (Sun., 11/6/16)

‘The Merchant of Venice,’ ‘Feeding the Dragon,’ ‘The Girl on the train’

one of many classics on Pittsburgh stages in this year's 11th month.

November Theater Guide: From Shylock to ‘Salome,’ a Cool Month for Hot Classics

The ghosts of theater past are made present in revivals and remakes on Pittsburgh stages during November.

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