including a rough 7th Grade

Jill Sobule’s Concert Film ‘F*ck7thGrade’ Continues Streaming at City Theater (Tues., 2/23/21)

Jill Sobule’s F*ck7thGrade Streams at City

including a rough 7th Grade

Singer Jill Sobule Recounts Life’s Highs and Lows in City Theatre’s Concert Film ‘F*ck7thGrade’

7th Grade can often times be the hardest. The concert film includes personal stories and hit songs.

Love blooms among the drudgery of work in a hat factory for Joan (Lisa Velten Smith) and Todd (Andrew William Smith) in Caryl Churchill's "Far Away" at Quantum Theatre. (photo: Heather Mull Photography).

February Theater Guide: New Ventures in Online Experience

The theater stream is starting to perk up again with some interesting productions.

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