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The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel's lobby goes back in time to when it was Heaven Nightclub.|

St. Patrick’s Day Parties at Heaven (Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel) and Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle (Thurs., 3/17/16)

Heaven St. Patrick’s Day Party, Mullaney’s St. Patrick’s Day Party, Hoodie Allen, Free Carnegie Museum Admission


A ‘Heaven-ly’ Halloween Party

Two new Heaven Nightclub events will be held at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. One for Halloween and the other on New Year’s Eve.

Kelly (l.) and Valerie (r.)|Mike has Angel wings too.|There's Angels for the women as well. Angel Mike pictured here.||The confetti cannon rains down confetti onto the dancers below.|The party continues.|This crowd knows how to dance.|

A Heaven-ly Night

Party-goers pack the Lobby of the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel to recreate the dance club Heaven.

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