but sure looks like Medea raging at Jason while the Chorus restrains her in 'Not Medea' at off the WALL. Actors

‘Not Medea’ Compares Troubled Moms of Myth and Modern Times

Although the play is based upon a tragic tale, it does have its moments of humor.

a controversial figure in his time

Greek Tragedy ‘Medea’ at Throughline; Nationals vs. Pirates + Military Night + Zambelli Fireworks (Thurs., 7/23/15)

‘Medea,’ Nationals vs. Pirates,’ ‘Pine’

he's Paradis Lost—and John Michnya is his buddy Guy in "Last Gas."

‘Last Gas’ at Little Lake Theatre; South Park Hosts Chris Smither Concert (Fri., 7/17/15)

‘Last Gas,’ Chris Smither, ‘Medea’

seated) stirs a mean brew in "Brewed

July Theater Preview: More than Midsummer Mindlessness

Forget the light and vapid summer comedy. This month features comedies with a bite and a twist.

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