Trivia contest player Regina Maenz confidently writes down the answer to a question on her card.

Trivia Night at Gene’s Place in Oakland; Quantum’s Peribañez Continues in Mellon Park (Wed., 8/24/16)

Trivia Night at Gene’s,’Peribañez,’ Pirates vs. Astros

Isabel Pask (Casilda)

Quantum Theatre Stages 17th-Century Spanish Playwright Lope de Vega’s ‘Peribáñez’

The revival of an old master’s play garners new interest.

Isabel Pask (Casilda)

Quantum Staging ‘Peribañez’ in Mellon Park Rose Garden; CLO’s ‘South Pacific’ at Benedum (Tues., 8/9/16)

‘Peribañez,’ ‘South Pacific,’ Kevin Howard

but of what? Sierra (Siovhan Christensen) contemplates the effects of fracking in "Driftless."

August Theater Guide: Don’t Be the Fool

Writing off August as a light month for theater would be unwise. The schedule is loaded.

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