Steven Spielberg

April Film Preview: A ‘Demolition’ Man, the New ‘Boss,’ an ‘Eye in the Sky,’ Plus ‘Elvis & Nixon’

April’s bringing showers … and a new slate of movies. Here’s our guide to a few of them.

in divided Germany

‘Bridge of Spies’ Is Powerful, But Heavy on the Schmaltz

Steven Spielberg directs this historical spy drama with his usual skill … and usual sentimentality.

‘Mr. Holmes’: The Game Is Afoot

It’s elementary, my dear Watson; ‘Mr. Holmes’ is a terrific film

‘Jurassic World’—Shame, Shame, Says a Velociraptor

Here’s the lowdown on the new ‘Jurassic’ movie from one of the featured actors.

May Cinema Preview: Mirth and Mayhem

Here’s a week-by-week lo at what’s in cinematic store, before movie screens give over entirely to summer blockbusters.

" Julianne plays a Hollywood actress with a wacky GPS. (Photo: Focus World)

February Movie Preview: Moore Month (and More)

Find out what Julianne Moore—and a whole raft of other stars—are doing this month on Pittsburgh movie screens.

January Cinema Preview: Hollywood’s Slow Season

Here’s a partial list of what’s on tap – it’s up to you decide if it’s the wheat or the chaff.

‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’: A Spicy Tale of Food and Romance

Lasse Hallstrom cos up a romantic comedy about two cultures clashing in the kitchen. Is it a full-course meal or just a lot of empty calories?

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