Ted Hoover

‘The Giver:’ Freedom’s Just Another Word for People to Act Like Fools

In the future you’re going to be happy … and you’ll hate it!

‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’: A Spicy Tale of Food and Romance

Lasse Hallstrom cos up a romantic comedy about two cultures clashing in the kitchen. Is it a full-course meal or just a lot of empty calories?

‘A Most Wanted Man’ Is a Most-Needed Kind of Movie

“A Most Wanted Man” is the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last movie. A smart suspense thriller that keeps the audience entertained without a gunfight every few minutes.


‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’: Smart Start & a Smashmouth Finish

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” the second movie in this rebooted series, is much intelligent than most summer blockbusters but has the same tendency to resort to cinematic mayhem.


‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Comes to the Edge of Greatness—Sometimes, Some Days

The world’s a hot mess! Quick, someone call Tom Cruise and see if he’s busy.

From Sci-Fi Spoof to Psychodrama, ‘Acting Out’ Delivers a Bold Bill of New One-Acts

There is nothing in theater quite like an evening of one-acts. If the plays are right you get a greatest-hits effect, a sampling of tightly honed short pieces in different styles and moods. That’s what the Pittsburgh Pride Theater Festival is going for with this year’s offering: two comedies plus two dramas, all of them…


Critic vs. ‘Godzilla’: Movie Leaves Reviewer Longing for More Cheese

I have met my match. Over the last few millennia I’ve managed to eke out a meager living by commenting wittily on the passing entertainment scene. Thanks to my ability to ingest the latest in artistic theses and spit out needlessly bitchy remarks, I’ve secured my place as one of the city’s cultural tastemakers. I…

‘Spider-Man 2’: The Endurance Test

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCpZ63FF3qA   I’d like to open with a question for the producers of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. “How much damned time do you think people have?” This isn’t a movie; it is a daytrip to an MRI. You’re trapped there for what seems like an eternity while the lights blink and the sounds buzz and…

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