the master builder

L) sings of wonders to be had

May Theater Preview: Bases Loaded, You Make the Call

Pittsburgh live theater is loaded with variety this month, so let your gut choose—and we’ll help.

Rangers vs. Pens in Second Playoff Game; Ibsen’s ‘The Master Builder’ on Stage at Quantum (Sat., 4/16/16)

Rangers vs. Pens, ‘The Master Builder,’ Brewers vs. Bucs, Pitt Football Blue-Gold Game

but not clearly: Solness isn't wearing his reality specs.|The photographer has shot Hilda and Solness dreaming in black and white

The Joy of Hex: Quantum’s ‘The Master Builder’ Offers Fascinating Field Trip to Hell

When Ibsen meets Quantum Theatre, it’s an eye-opener and a hair-raiser.

inflamed papa Knut Brovik (John Reilly

April Theater Preview: Updated Classics and Big Prizewinners

What’s new in Pittsburgh live theater this month? Big stuff—and lots of classical old stuff, newly re-imagined.

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