the pretenders

Guns N’ Roses and The Pretenders Play PNC Park (Fri., 8/18/23)

Guns N’ Roses and The Pretenders

Rod Stewart performing in concert in 2014. (Photo: Joe Bielawa and Wikipedia.)

August 2023 Concert Guide: Rod, Pink, Willie, GNR, Gabby, Jelly Roll, Morgan Wallen, and Pablo Cruise

Top country acts are in good supply this month plus several other high quality concerts.

Shammen McCune as Jocasta. photo: Suellen Fitzsimmons.

Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders to Jam PPG; PICT Staging ‘Oedipus Rex’ at Union Project (Fri., 3/31/17)

Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders, ‘Oedipus Rex,’ Good Fridays at The Warhol

Daya singing one of her hits.

March Concert Guide: A Sustained Roar

February may have been spotty, but March offers plenty of great shows, including some powerful woman rockers.

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