the sea

PICT's "Lion in Winter" has Alan Stanford and Cary Anne Spear as the royal odd couple Henry and Eleanor.

PICT Previews ‘The Lion in Winter’; David Crosby in Concert at WVU (Thurs., 12/1/16)

‘The Lion in Winter,’ David Crosby, Pens vs. Stars, ‘The Sea,’

Daya singing one of her hits.

Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night to Shine Brightly; ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at PICT (Fri., 11/18/16)

Pittsburgh Light Up Night, ‘The Merchant of Venice,’ ‘The Sea’

The Goo Goo Dolls Play Palace; Steelers vs. Dallas (Sun., 11/13/16)

The Goo Goo Dolls, Steelers vs. Cowboys, ‘The Sea’

one of many classics on Pittsburgh stages in this year's 11th month.

November Theater Guide: From Shylock to ‘Salome,’ a Cool Month for Hot Classics

The ghosts of theater past are made present in revivals and remakes on Pittsburgh stages during November.

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