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' but it sure looks like some cool dads and moms are on board for the show. (Photo: courtesy of Baxter Theatre

The Temptations Play the Palace; Festival of Firsts: ‘Karoo Moose—No Fathers’ and ‘Frankenstein & Karate Man Patrick Kim’ (Thurs., 10/25/18)

The Temptaions, ‘Karoo Moose—No Fathers,’ ‘Frankenstein & Karate Man Patrick Kim,’ Taste the Good Life

Norway in 2009. (Photo: Ernst Vikne and Wikipedia)|Donald Fagen of Steely Dan at the keyboards during a 2017 concert. (Photo: Raph_PH and Wikipedia).

October 2018 Concert Guide: Elton John, Steely Dan, Metallica, Little Steven, and Hippo Campus

Even though the leaves are turning and there’s a little chill in the air, there’s still many interesting concerts around.

The Temptations and Four Tops in Concert at Heinz Hall; Arizona’s Lydia at Mr. Smalls (Sun., 3/11/18)

The Temptations and Four Tops, Lydia, Pens vs. Stars

Of Montreal performing in Athens

March Concert Guide 2018: A Foreigner, Lights, Money, Motown, and Weird Al

All the February rain has sprouted some very nice March musical flowers.

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