wild with happy

Jason Shavers as Terry

‘Wild With Happy’ Continues at City Theatre; Independent Brewing Company Features Local Brews (Tues., 5/2/17)

‘Wild With Happy,’ Independent Brewing Company

Jason Shavers as Terry

‘Wild With Happy’ Onstage at City Theatre; Subba Serving Nepalese Fare on North Side (Tues., 4/18/17)

‘Wild With Happy,’ Subba

Jason Shavers as Terry

‘Wild With Happy’ Previewing at City Theatre; Pens vs. Blue Jackets in Playoff Action (Wed., 4/12/17)

‘Wild With Happy,’ Pens vs. Blue Jackets, Pirates vs. Reds

L) and Stalin (Martin Giles) engage in spirited dialectics while Bulgakov's wife Yelena (Dana Hardy) tries to sleep it off in 'Collaborators.'|Harriet Beecher Stowe

April Theater Guide: History on Parade

Shows that are drawn from history, or tinker with it shamelessly, highlight this month’s live theater schedule in Pittsburgh.

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