Innovative artists and gallery exhibits

This ain't no disco: The humans in the Kurokawa/Novi_sad video 'Sirens' appear to be at a club or party. Yet something entirely else—and strange—is going on.

High Art, in Every Sense: Kurokawa’s Videos at Wood Street

Ryoichi Kurawa is a Japanese electronic artist. The videos in his Pittsburgh show give the viewer a profound buzz.

in every sense.|A crazy American cat penetrates Persian carpets in 'Crash' (2011).|'Faghat Eshgh (Only Love)

Pop Art in Dreamland: Moshiri’s ‘Go West’ Show at The Warhol

Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri’s “second-generation pop art” generates cross-cultural waves—and casts a dreamlike spell.

art waiting to happen. Youthful Andy collected pics of movie stars; adult Andy made them subjects of his work.|Here's "Female Movie Star Composite." The story explains the initials.|Which witch? Yep

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Fame: Warhol’s ‘Stars of the Silver Screen’

The new exhibit at the Warhol Museum is than an art show; it’s psycho-history.

before picture postcards

‘The Frick Collects’: Stories Behind the Stories Behind the Art

The current exhibit at the Frick Art Museum takes you to other worlds and tells stories within stories.

a girl from the Bright Kids Uganda orphanage

New Martha Rial Photo Exhibit: Back to Africa, This Time for Promising News

The Pulitzer winner’s Uganda pictures show children being lifted from a sea of troubles.


‘Killer Heels’ To End Dazzling Nationwide Tour at The Frick Pittsburgh

Summer isn’t the only thing coming to a close. Killer Heels, which includes nearly 150 exclusive high-heeled shoes, ends in early September, making a visit to The Frick a must on one’s summertime bucket list.

woman-as-parade-float style that will soon become as obsolete as the horse-drawn carriage receding in the distance.|The state-of-the-art gentleman stays high and dry: Lartigue's brother Maurice

Life on the Edge, in Flashback: Lartigue’s Photos at The Frick

The Jacques Henri Lartigue show at Pittsburgh’s Frick Art Museum has pictures of a world evolving from steampunk to sleek.

but one point is clear: Eva bears her husband's words and vice versa.|Patel chills down with a favorite person

Introducing a Wacky Good Artist: Hetain Patel

It’s Spidey, it’s kung fu, and in this British artist’s North American debut exhibit at Wood Street Galleries.


Out of the Shadows: Edward Hopper at Carnegie Museum

“CMOA Collects Edward Hopper” is a small art show that takes you into a big world.

collection of Sheryl and Bruce Wolf.|"The Mill at Millvale on the PRR" by William Gillespie Armor (American

Hills, Mills, Bridges, and Chimneys: A Glimpse into Pittsburgh’s Past

An exhibition of Pittsburgh landscapes at The Frick Art Museum offers a glimpse into the city’s industrial past.

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