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Nathan DelSignore

Belvedere’s Continues To Make Patrons Feel Beautiful

Six months have not passed since Belvedere’s reopened, but the club quickly reestablished itself as a Butler Street mainstay.

Manager Jen San Rocco and owner John Keefe take a moment out of their busy opening night for The Pub at 333 to say hello.|Diners enjoying an evening meal on the second floor patio deck of the Oakmont Tavern.|A wide selection of beers on tap and friendly servers and bartenders are two of the highlights at Carnivore's. The friendly faces pictured here are Rachel Zentgraf (l.) and Jen Kumar (r.).

Oakmont Pubs Bring City Energy To Quaint Suburb

Many will visit Oakmont for the U.S. Open, but the area restaurants and bars make this borough a hot destination any week of the year.

a cozy bar on an Oakland side street.|Trivia contest player Regina Maenz confidently writes down the answer to a question on her card.|Affable owner/bartender Gene Ney pouring a pitcher from the tap.|Co-host Mike “Marty” Stanis calls out a round one question while Anthony Fennessy prepares to do the same in round two.|Trivia night packs them in at Gene's Place.

Gene’s Place Keeps Spirits High, Pints Full, Minds Working

Beer, minutiae, and lots of Bowie—the Entertainment Central Recon Patrol visits Gene’s Place in South Oakland.

Voodoo Homestead provides an open-air ambience for both man and canine.

Good Vibes Resound Through Voodoo Homestead Thanks To Quality Beer, Lively Events

On a crisp Wednesday evening, Christopher Maggio and a friend patroned Voodoo Homestead, trying different drafts and mingling with the welcoming staff, supportive regulars, and aww-inducing canines.

frothy beers beckon.|On a frosty night

‘Hitchhiker’ Brew Pub Gets a Thumbs-Up from Craft Beer Fans

Hitchhiker Brewing Co. brings craft brewing and a fun atmosphere to Mt.Lebanon.

|Steel Cactus Interior|exterior shot of Steel cactus

Shadyside’s Smooth New Cantina, The Steel Cactus

For this mission, the Recon Patrol (RP) went deep undercover in order to bring you the lowdown on a new spot in Shadyside, The Steel Cactus: Authentic Mexican Restaurante & Cantina. We spent a few nights snooping around this smooth-loing, modern cantina, the latest offering from the AMP’D  Group (who brought you  South Side’s “Local” and…

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