Barebones Productions Livestreaming Will Eno’s ‘Tragedy: a Tragedy’ (Sun., 5/23/21)

TRAGEDY: A TRAGEDY by Will Eno. Barebones Productions. Streaming and on-demand. May 21 – 23.

Barebones productions comes back from the pandemic with what they’re billing as the first-ever fully digital production of Will Eno’s dark comedy Tragedy: a tragedy. The plot revolves around a news team reporting live on a crisis as it unfolds. As coverage continues the human frailties of the team become more apparent. The play explores what is truth and what isn’t in a humorous look at the world we live in. Eno, a Brooklyn playwright, was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Drama for his play Thom Pain (based on nothing). Livestream 8 p.m. On demand through May 30.

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