City Theatre Staging ‘Somewhere Over the Border’ (Sun., 9/24/23)

SOMEWHERE OVER THE BORDER (musical) by Brian Quijada, directed by Laura Alcalá Baker. City Theatre, Sept. 23 – Oct. 15.

When the desperate journey of a young El Salvadoran girl mirrors the American fable of The Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over The Border reaffirms the universally human plight of seeking freedom and friendship on the road to fortune. Quijada’s re-telling of the L. Frank Baum classic is not as literal as it is lyrical––his songs are rooted in the true story of his mother’s journey to cross the US border years before—yet they evince the awe of adventure and the fear of failure. The music is inspired by Cumbia rhythms, Mariachi instrumentals, Hip Hop, and American Rock. The central characters share the road, discovering personal flaws and different fears. And, despite the “wizard” (here, the scary El Gran Coyote de Tijuana) who has organized their final crossing, they realize the true meaning of family. 

Brian Quijada is a rising star with a number of Jeff Awards, an Emmy nomination, and accolades from regional theaters. His hip hop solo show Where Did We Sit On The Bus? was produced by City Theatre in 2018. Somewhere Over The Border features a cast of six and an orchestra of five. 7 p.m. City Theatre, 1300 Bingham St., South Side. (C.P.O.)

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