Clyde Callicott and Right TurnClyde to Perform Virtual Concert for Pgh Restaurant Workers Aid Group (Sat., 6/13/20)

Clyde Callicott, who in April created the Service Aid benefit live virtual concert with over 60 Pittsburgh musicians/bands, will perform with the acoustic rock trio Right TurnClyde in conjunction with Steamworks Creative as a part of their Facebook Virtual Broadcast series to present A Concert from The Heart. The performance is a fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid Group, a fiscal sponsor of New Sun Rising and their efforts supporting restaurant families through their food distribution center. “Anybody’s who’s caught a Right TurnClyde show knows we put on one of the most eclectic acoustic rock shows in the area. Right TurnClyde works really hard to bring across a show that’s way different than any other act in the area. Yes there are some very talented act in Pittsburgh…We’re just different,” said Callicott.

The Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers AID Group assists area low income restaurant workers with supplies, financial guidance, and basic food supply needs. Callicott said, “There’s a ton of folks hurting out there that haven’t received any governmental assistance still and have nowhere to turn. These guys step in and are helping folks daily and working it hard.” A Concert From the Heart will be broadcast tonight at 7:30 p.m. from the Steamworks Creative Facebook page, Twitter Page and YouTube channel with Facebook viewing parties hosted on the Right TurnClyde Facebook page as well as other Facebook group pages. Steamworks Creative in Gibsonia is an intimate live music venue.

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