Cool Picks Monday June 11, 2012

1) After weekend indulgences, get out on the South Side Riverfront trails for a hike or  bike trek. Extra nice sections of the trail are from around Tenth street up to Station Square and the Gateway Clipper Fleet. You can even see the trains rumbling by or look up at the incline and beautiful greenery of Mount Washington. Before, after or during (the trail actually runs through Station Square) you can stop at Station Square’s promenade for a bite to eat or a cool, refreshing drink from their restaurants.

2) Another good jump off point is at the South Side Riverfront Park under the Birmingham Bridge. You can access the park and trail from 18th street. Head south to the South Side Works. Plenty of tasty restaurants to choose from on the South Side or hit the Pretzel Store for a freshly baked soft pretzel.

3) If after the hike or bike trek you want to take a refreshing plunge, you could also ride your bike a little further down the  Mon. river to Sandcastle Water Park for some wet tropical refreshment.

4) It’s SIN night (Service Industry Night) at Arsenal Bowl.  With specials on bowling and drinks.

5) There’s always something happening at the Pittsburgh Zoo. –animal watching, people watching, new animal births, painted dogs trying to get out and play, a beautiful aquarium, etc.


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Rick Handler

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