Cool Picks Wednesday June 13, 2012

1) Entertainment Central’s top food writer, Deborah McDonald, wants to share with you a delightful new place she’s found.  It’s called Biddle’s Escape, on Biddle Avenue which runs between Regent Square and Wilkinsburg. Deborah reports they have a great selection of coffee drinks, teas and sweet treats.  She especially likes the Hungarian szegedi kave: 2 shots of espresso, 2 shots of steamed cream, maple/cinnamon sugar and whipped cream. Another cool thing, Deborah  says, is their patio where you can sit beneath the trees. and enjoy the summer breeze. As you may remember from local history and a movie titled Mrs. Soffel, the Biddle brothers escaped from the Allegheny County jail with the aid of Mrs. Soffel (the warden’s wife who was in love with one of the Biddle brothers) in the late 1800’s.

2) Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers bring their brand of American Rock to the Club Cafe on the South Side.  They’re calling their travels – the Stripped Down and Fully Clothed Tour.

3) DJ Todd Cheat brings his Punk Rock Jukebox to the Tiki Lounge on E. Carson street tonight after dark.

4) The Westmoreland Museum of American Art  currently shows their 2012 Westmoreland Juried Biennial. The exhibit features the art work of over one hundred artists that live within one hundred fifty miles of the museum.

5) Wednesday Night is a big night to hit Walnut Street in Shadyside. A lot of the stores stay open later on Wednesday night and the bars are extra happening. So do some shopping then some drinking. Popular Shadyside bar’s include: Le Mardi Gras, The Elbow Room, William Penn Tavern, Mario’s East Side, Cappy’s, Shady Grove, The Field House and South Aiken Bar & Grille.

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