Corningworks Staging ‘What Did You Think You Heard Me Say?’; New Hazlett CSA Has ‘UNDERLAND x Alice’ (Thurs., 3/21/24)

WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU JUST HEARD ME SAY?! (dance/theater) by Beth Corning.  Corningworks at City Theatre. March 15 – 24.

Beth Corning is at it again. Pittsburgh theater fans know Corning as the highly experienced choreographer, dancer, and theater artist who operates by the maxim “Never say die till you die and then it’s too late anyway.” Now she’s got a new piece which, like many of her previous, dramatizes (and comedy-izes) the quirky quandaries of modern life. What Did You Think You Just Heard Me Say?! is about miscommunication. This multimedia show includes rolling full-length mirrors, floating text, and who knows what else? More significantly it is performed by renowned dancer/actors Alberto del Saz, Evan Fisk, and Claire Porter, along with Corning. Her company, Corningworks, presents What Did You Think You Just Heard Me Say?! in the intimate confines of City Theatre’s Lillie Theatre. 1300 Bingham St., South Side. (M.V.)

2) UNDERLAND x Alice, a dance theater journey and the fourth of the Community Supported Art (CSA) 11 series. UNDERLAND x Alice is the creation of choreographer Kontara Morphis. Morphis is bringing her strong movement skills to this dance theater retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Set in the 1920s Greenwood District during the Tulsa Race Massacre before journeying to Underland. The production is a fantastical tale which includes roller skating, projections, rap, and ballet. New Hazlett’s CSA programming is an incubator for new and emerging artists to see their productions staged. Performances tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m. 6 Allegheny Square East, North Side.


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