Emerson String Quartet in Concert at Carnegie Music Hall (CP’s Tues. 10/1/13)

1) The  Chamber Music Society of Pittsburgh presents the  Emerson String Quartet. With over 30 noted releases, nine Grammys, and numerous other awards, the Emerson String Quartet is the most accomplished string quartet in America. Tonight’s’ concert features works from Mozart, Britten, and Beethoven. Concert starts 7:30 p.m. Carnegie Music Hall, 4400 Forbes Ave., Oakland.

2)  The Hindu people of India hold nature in high regard.l. They believe that it is good to live in harmony with the flora and fauna of earth and that plants and animals are divine in nature. Phipps Conservatory assistant curator of  horticulture Ben Dunigan  and Phipps interpretive specialist Jordyn Melino capture the beauty of the subcontinent with Phipp’s latest exhibit, Tropical Forest India. Dunigan and Melino journeyed to the Western Ghats region of India in 2010, traveling by many modes of transportation–boats, trains, even elephants, in order to experience the many aspects of the beautiful environment. Their inspiration can be seen in the tropical hall featuring Ayurvedic healing gardens (used in alternative medicine), waterfalls, spectacular colors, exotic plants, and a temple façade at its entrance. You might go in feeling stressed, but you’ll leave saying “Namaste,” meaning: I recognize and salute the divine within [people and nature]. 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. One Schenley Park, Oakland.

3) Get away to the tropics with a trip to Brillobox for Tropical Tuesdays. There you’ll feel the trade winds (ceiling fan) soothe your overdue vacation bones. Here’s a sampling of their specials $3 select craft cans, $4 frozen drinks, $10 California bubble bath, $10 Eva Peron, $7 Fernet con cola, and $6 Coronita Margaveza. You can also sop up the island drinks with $7 pineapple soy-glazed chicken or tofu skewers served with Caribbean sweet potato salad. Shoes and shirt required. 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. 4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.

4) Today’s Allegheny County RADical Days event is free admission to Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum. For more information visit the RADical Days Web site.

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