Under the Streetlamp in the Cultural District; Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba CD Release Event (CPs Wed., 9/24/14)

Under the Streetlamp performing.

Under the Streetlamp performing.

1) If you hear a lot of nice vocal harmonies emanating from the Cultural District tonight it’s because two top vocal groups—Under the Streetlamp and Gentlemen’s Rule—are in town. Under the Streetlamp is composed of the four main cast members of the hit Broadway musical Jersey Boys. Their sound is derived from the 50’s and early 60’s when male (and female) vocal groups were all the rage. Under the Streetlamp’s songs are the same ones you’d hear in that era playing on the radio, on the bandstands, and by groups of guys singing under the street lamps of their neighborhood. The group is composed of Michael Ingersoll, Michael Cunio, Christopher Kale Jones ,and Shonn Wiley. They combine together in tight vocal harmonies and talented dance moves for a fun party-like performance and are backed by a world-class band. You may also remember them from their PBS specials. Chicago a cappella group—Gentlemen’s Rule—brings additional excitement to the performance with their vocal arrangements of both classic and contemporary hits from Bill Withers to the Stones and Rascal Flatts. 8 p.m. Byham Theater, 101 6th St.

2) Phat Man Dee describes herself as a cosmic jazz chanteuse with a twist of the bizarre. And what an accurate description that is. A talented vocalist who has been a compelling player on the Pittsburgh scene for many years, Dee also has a jazz group called the Cultural District and tours nationally. She received a lot of publicity 12 years ago when she married Tommy Amoeba with a parade and fanfare. Ameoeba’s on tonight’s bill as well, and has the sci-fi rock band Amoeba Knievel. It’s a husband/wife dual CD release party. And if that’s not enough, the event also features Liz Berlin, Lilith Deville, Middle Children, Pittsburgh Complaints N’At Choir, and Gena. 7 p.m. Mr. Smalls Funhouse, 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale.

3) Lionize returns to Pittsburgh tonight for an all-ages show at the Smiling Moose. Founded in 2004, the band has released six full-length albums, including their latest—Jetpack Soundtrack, and has been touring almost nonstop. Inspired by Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley, Lionize is a little bit reggae, rock ‘n roll, and jam band all in one. American Sharks is also playing. Show starts at 6:30 p.m. 1306 E. Carson St., South Side.

4) The Maze Runner

For all those young men feeling left out by The Hunger Games comes The Maze Runner, a sci-fi adventure movie based on a novel by James Dashner. A group of boys live inside a massive maze and have to find a way out … or get shot! It’s like a video game, but even less reality-based. Check Fandango for local theaters.


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