Doughbar Features Chicken, Pizza, and Drinks (Thurs., 12/1/22)

Plenty of artists have parodied Grant Wood’s American Gothic, but the parody painted at Doughbar, which features the woman as a pizza head and the man as a chicken head, gets to the heart of this restaurant—chicken and pizza. Patrons can purchase a half bird or a whole bird slow roasted on a rotisserie. Complementing the chicken are sauces like truffle ranch, pan gravy and red chimichurri.  , And the selection of sides include rotisserie-seasoned fries and mashed potatoes. The chicken comes from Gerber’s Amish Farms—no antibiotics, no hormones. Doughbar’s pizza is served in several different styles: New York, Margherita, and even a two-day pan with dough risen 48 hours for thickness. Topping choices count into the double digits from onion to meatballs. The restaurant also serves salads and hoagies. Some of the starter items are chicken gravy fries (pulled rotisserie chicken, fresh mozzarella, gravy, and herbs) and garlic herb breadsticks. To drink arevcraft drafts plus cocktails and wine. 1831 E. Carson St., South Side. (C.M.)

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