‘Evil Dead The Musical Opens at Pittsburgh Musical Theatre; Carnegie Goes International at Double Dog Studios (Thurs., 9/30/22)

EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL Book and lyrics by George Reinblatt. Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris and George Reinblatt. Additional lyrics by Christopher Bond. Additional music by Rob Daleman. Pittsburgh Musical Theatre. September 30 – October 22.

In this previous PMT production of 'Evil Dead the Musical' Whitney Noelle as Annie and Brett Goodnack as Ash get good and gory.

In this previous PMT production of ‘Evil Dead the Musical’ Whitney Noelle as Annie and Brett Goodnack as Ash get good and gory.

1) So far, over 500 productions of Evil Dead: The Musical have been staged worldwide. Think of what this has required in human terms. Hundreds of talented actors, fluent at using their hands gracefully on stage, had to learn how to play a character whose right hand is replaced by a chainsaw. Yet the role is a coveted one, for Ashley “Ash” Williams is not your average bionic hero. In the Evil Dead films on which the musical is based, he duels with deadites in settings from the present-day U.S. to medieval Europe. Ash is a complexly flawed hero who bumbles through everyday life, but excels in matters such as fighting the Kandarian Demon. The British cinema magazine Empire ranked him the greatest horror movie character of all time. Pittsburgh Musical Theater—which has staged Evil Dead at least twice before—resurrects Evil Dead: The Musical by popular demand. Exuberant audience response is welcome but leave your chainsaws, and children, at home. Preferably not in the same room. West End Canopy at Gargaro Theater, 327 S. Main St., West End. (M.V., R.H.)

Ben Edge, oil painting.

Ben Edge, oil painting.

2) The Carnegie International magically appears every four years at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland with contemporary art works from around the world. In the spirit of the Carnegie International, Double Dog Studios, located in the heart of Carnegie, presents a group exhibition composed of works by talented international artists. You might say, as the exhibit is titled, Carnegie Goes International. Some of the artists have even had their works exhibited at the actual Carnegie International.

Twenty artists will be representing over eight countries. The exhibit features over 75 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and projections. The show also will be the U.S. debut of U.K. folk artist Ben Edge; contemporary artist Helen Bryant from East Sussex, England; and artist John McVie from Northern England. Carnegie goes International is curated by noted art dealer Pat McArdle. Double Dog is owned by the Klugs: nationally known illustrator Dave Klug, who’s also a musician (the drummer for Red Beans & Rice), and Pat Klug, known for her work in marketing and communications. The group show will run through October 1. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Select paintings and prints will be available for purchase. 317 Second Avenue, Carnegie.

Helen Bryant watercolor, ink Carnegie Goes International.

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