Exploring Race with Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Carnivalesque Roadshow is Naughty and Nice at the Rex (CPs Sun., 5/11/2014)

1) Dig beneath the surface to explore the ongoing issue of race in America with RACE: Are We So Different? at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The exhibition delves into race through stories from multiple points of view including biological, cultural, and historical. This enlightening look goes to the foundations of how we perceive each other, exploring questions about what differences really consist of and how much they matter. Embrace your roots and beauty from the inside out with this moving exhibit. Runs through Oct. 27. 4400 Forbes Ave., Oakland.

2) Can you play nice? Whether the answer is yes or no, you’ll find a place to play with The Carnivalesque Roadshow at the Rex Theater. This hybrid of carnival sideshows and burlesque performances brings childhood nostalgia and our dark desires together to entice audiences, leaving the crowd begging for more. Attractions include games, dancing temptresses, comedic contortionists, sensual stories, and the Ten-in-One (described only as an “oddity”). Think of it as strange; think of it as a confusing turn-on; but mostly, think of it as something you should see with your own eyes. 8 p.m. 1602 E. Carson St., South Side.

3) Mom always said the handmade gifts were the nicest. If she loves flowers but hates seeing them wilt (or suffers from allergies), treat her to a glass-blowing workshop at Vessel Studio, where this season’s project is a unique glass flower. The quick workshop includes step-by-step instruction from local glass artist Drew Hine, making it the perfect after-brunch activity to bond with mom—or with any special woman in your life. Hine advises against open-toed shoes and shorts to avoid the risk of a burn, and says all participants in the workshop should be over the age of seven. Call the studio to reserve a time. 117 S. 16th St., South Side.

4) Try on a new band for size with Les Jupes at Lawrenceville’s Thunderbird Cafe. Self-described on their Facebook page as ” Four kids from the middle of the North American continent, making modern music for people living in the past,” the indie/folk rockers pull from progressive rock of the 1980s and spin it to their liking (think a mashup between Psychedelic Furs and The White Stripes). With a distinctive guitar sound we learned to love with The Cure plus hearty vocals, Les Jupes truly is the band for fans of ’80s rock. Special guests are Butterbirds and Wicked Chief. 8 p.m. 4023 Butler St., Lawrenceville.

5) The Pirates take on division rivals the St. Louis Cardinals for a rare Sunday night game at PNC Park. All moms receive a reusable Pirates tote bag. Buy her some peanuts and Cracker Jack, too. And maybe a cold beverage or two. She deserves it. 8:05 p.m. 115 Federal St., North Shore.

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