Hemlock House Offers an Eclectic Menu of Savory Offerings (Wed., 3/20/24)

Hemlock House in Regent Square.

It might have become another Rockaway Pizzeria, the well-attended joint in White Oak owned by Josh Sickels, but the kitchen was not large enough. So Hemlock House, formerly The Map Room, will feature what the menu calls “irreverent food and cocktails.” Small plates include Crab & Bacon Hushpuppies, Mushroom Toast, and Beef Tartare. “Snacks” include Shishitos (those mild Japanese, charred peppers,) and Fried Smelts. Of course there are special burgers, even a kimchi burger. Large plates features are Veal Chop,  Uni Bucatini, and a Gouda-based Mac ’N’ Cheese. For the “V” crowd, Hemlock House offers up a Vegan Hot Sausage Sandwich, Fried Artichokes and a decadent Kale Salad, among other intriguing fare. Until Hemlock House can secure its own liquor license (an issue having to do more with the PLCB, than the weird jurisdiction of Edgewood v. Swissvale that scratches many a head in this otherwise super-friendly neighborhood,) thirsty patrons can sip pre-mixed spirits and craft beers provided by third-party vendors. They are also open for lunch and brunch. 1126 S. Braddock Ave, Regent Square. (C.P.O.)

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