Iron Born Serving Detroit-style Pizza in Strip and Millvale (Fri., 4/12/24)

The Forager Pie at Iron Born Pizza. (photo: Christopher Maggio)

The Forager Pie at Iron Born Pizza. (photo: Christopher Maggio)

Iron Born Pizza serves a delicious, hand-forged, Detroit-style pie. Detroit-style? Think the thickness of a Chicago deep dish but with a square shape, like a Sicilian cut. The crust is crispy, and each cut is remarkably neat and portable—no knife and fork required. Owner and chef Pete Tolman, of Kittanning and an alum of IUP’s culinary arts program, got the idea after trying a slice in … Colorado. Iron Born is in the Strip District and Millvale. The former location serves local craft beer and housemade pasta. The latter serves cannoli. But the star of both menus is the pizza: red pies, white pies, the Veggie Supreme Pie, the vegan Humble Pie, the Nashville Hot Chicken Pie, the Commonplace Coffee Pie (made with coffee barbecue sauce), and more, all of them ranging from $15 to $20. Most pizzas are available at each location, but always check online. Or forge your own, choosing from myriad toppings. 1806 Smallman St., Strip District and 413 Grant Ave., Millvale. (C.M.)

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