Kenny Wayne Shepherd Plays Palace; Illusionist Michael Carbonaro Brings New Show to CHMH (Fri., 4/15/22)

1) Singer-songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band visit the Palace Theatre on their 2022 tour. Much can be said of Shepherd’s prolific library—it’s raw, southern-styled, slightly grungy, and highly bluesy. Shepherd, 44, hails from Shreveport, La.; his southern roots are apparent in his music. Impressively, he’s relatively young compared to many of his blues compatriots, though he’s been recording music since he was 16 years old. Shepherd released his first studio album, Ledbetter Heights, in 1995. It’s no wonder: He’s got a hell of a talent for blues guitar and boasts a strong stage presence. Since that first release, he’s carved out an enviable reputation as one of America’s most accomplished blues guitarists. Besides selling millions of albums, Shepherd has received five Grammy nominations, two Billboard Music Awards, and a slew of other awards specific to the blues genre. Shepherd’s latest release is the live album, Straight to You Live, released in 2020. 8 p.m. 21 W. Otterman St., Greensburg. 

2) A customer walks up to a counterperson at a bagel store and asks for an onion bagel. The clerk says sorry they just ran out of onion bagels but he will make her one using an everything bagel. He ties a string around an everything bagel and lowers it into a bucket that he has brought up from behind the counter. When the everything bagel is pulled back up it only has onions on it. The astonished customer asks how he did that. He says they, and other bagel stores, use a special breed of white mice that are allergic to onions, but eat everything else. He then shows her the interior of the bucket where there’s about 15 small white mice. The customer is further astonished. That is what magician/actor/illusionist Michael Carbonaro calls the Carbonaro Effect. It’s also the name of his hidden camera TV show that appears on truTV and in syndication Saturday Nights at 11:30 p.m. on WTAE. You can see him up-close and personal at the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall where he will perform his new show: “Carbonaro: Lies on Stage.” 8 p.m. 510 E 10th Ave, Munhall.

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