Prime Stage Opens ‘Frankenstein’ (Fri., 11/4/22)

FRANKENSTEIN adapted by Lawrence C. Connolly from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel and the story behind it. Prime Stage Theatre. November 4 – 13. 

Matt Zierden is Victor Frankenstein (R) and Everett Lowe is The Creature in Prime Stage's new take on 'Frankenstein.' Photo: Laura Sloveko.

Matt Zierden is Victor Frankenstein (R) and Everett Lowe is The Creature in Prime Stage’s new take on ‘Frankenstein.’ Photo: Laura Sloveko.

Prime Stage Theatre’s new play, Frankenstein, is based on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s gothic ideation of a man assembled from body parts exhumed from the grave. However, the story, adapted here by horror writer Lawrence C. Connolly for Prime Stage, takes a slightly different and historic twist when it depicts the character of Mary Shelley and four other traveling companions taking shelter in a dark Swiss mansion. Among the interloping guests are her stepsister, Claire Claremont, her new husband, Percy Shelley, and Lord Byron. As a lightning storm rages outside, the young Mrs. Shelley’s imagination is shocked and electrified with horrific visions as her fellow house guests while away their sleepless hours telling ghost stories. This was said to be true. Lord Byron was believed to be an intimate friend of Mary’s stepsister, who later bore his child. And Mary Shelley was just 18 when she wrote the classic tale. Evidence of all of this––as if anyone would doubt that monstrous things might happen in Promethean literature––is that her first edition author’s copy was signed to Lord Byron.

Prime Stage’s production promises to weave together the history and horror that is Frankenstein at the New Hazlett Theater, 6 Allegheny Square East, North Side. (C.P.O.)

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