Robots Hang Out in SPACE; Women Comic Art Exhibit at Toonseum (CPs Thu., 3/13/14)

1) In the quirky 3D art of Toby Atticus Fraley, robots live quaint lives of ’50s-style domestic banality. Far from scheming to destroy their human masters, the robots’ most egregious behavior seems to be eavesdropping on their mechanical children. Fraley’s exhibit, The Secret Life of Robots, puts an array of cartoonish androids, made from vintage thermoses, picnic coolers, and other found objects, into a series of retro scenes in which they use rotary phones, watch antenna TVs, and listen to record players. The installations, on view until April 27 at the gallery known as SPACE, recreate “Leave It to Beaver”-esque family life to fun and humorous effect. Resistance to their cuteness is futile. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 812 Liberty Ave., Cultural District.

2) The comic book industry has historically had a glass ceiling as thick as the walls of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. From now through March 30, the Toonseum is celebrating the pioneering women who have braved this male-dominated field with an exhibit called Wonder Women, On Page and Off. The work on display comes from the collection of historian and illustrator Trina Robbins (author of Pretty in Ink: North American Women Cartoonists 1896-2013). It reveals how female artists were pigeon-holed into comics about romance and fashion, then got to draw action and superheroes when they replaced drafted male artists during World War II, and finally flourished in the underground comics and graphic novel scenes that existed away from the old boys’ club of the big publishers. 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 945 Liberty Ave., Cultural District.

3) Just a year or so old, Nashville-based neo-bluegrass band Charlie and the Foxtrots are already touring the U.S. behind their newly recorded EP (which they hope to expand into an album this year). With six musicians in the line-up, they bring all the banjo breakdowns and fiddle solos Americana fans expect. Hear for yourself at Howler’s tonight. 8 p.m. 4509 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield.

4) There is an all-female tribute band to Mötley Crüe and, of course, its name is Girls, Girls, Girls. Since 2006, these four ladies have been kick-starting hearts as they play the Crüe’s ’80s hits, dressed to kill in as much leather and Aqua Net as Vince Neil and the boys wore back in the day. Tonight at Jergel’s, they’re gonna make you feel alright. 8 p.m. 285 Northgate Dr., Warrendale.

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