Social House 7 Features Japanese Cusine in a Beautiful Setting; Bea Taco Town Offers Tacos and Other Mexican Fare (Tues., 3/17/20))

1) Izakaya restaurants flourish in Japan where the business class meets for drinks and sushi and other small dishes. Liken these portions to that of a tapas bar, and consider that Izakayas are popular because they represent the best of informal dining.  In Japan. On Seventh Street, downtown, you can expect the very same, yet with a diverse twist. Here the menu offers Korean and other Asian accents from Brussel sprouts with kim-chee to sesame chicken or pad thai. The atmosphere is far more festive than what one might find in Tokyo, and the preparation of your order accommodates the typical American’s shorter patience. In addition to a superb lunch and dinner fare, Social House 7 also offers something unique in Pittsburgh. On one or more Saturdays of each month, from 2 to 4, you can join in a sushi rolling class and learn more than just the basics. 123 7th Ave., Downtown. (P.Orr)

2) Authentic, reasonably priced Mexican food can be found at Bea Taco Town. Taco Town offers a sit-down restaurant, where patrons can leisurely munch on chips and salsa while sipping Jarritos (Mexican pop) before ordering their entreés. Customers can order traditional tacos or Americano tacos, the latter of which come with one’s choice of meat plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and cheese. Burritos and enchiladas grace the menu, and there are plenty of meat and vegetarian options. Taco Town has two downtown locations, both on Smithfield Street (633 Smithfield and 110 Smithfield). (CM)