South Park Game Preserve: Where the Buffalo Roam (Tues., 5/10/22)

The South Park Wave Pool and the South Park Amphitheater have not opened yet for the summer, but the park itself still offers plenty of outdoor fun. One spot that is open—and free—is the South Park Game Preserve. A quick note: this is not the same as the South Park Nature Center. To get there, just plug “South Park Game Preserve” into your map app of choice. There is ample parking. Visitors can watch ducks and geese mingle with fish at a large pond. One will likely catch a few turtles sunbathing on rocks too. An idyllic bridge spans a small waterfall, which the water fowl navigate like kayakers. Farther up the trail is the peacock enclosure. And still farther up are arguably the stars of the preserve: the buffalo. Yes, you can watch the buffalo roam in a Pittsburgh suburb. The preserve and surrounding trails are perfect for a contemplative stroll of one, a romantic walk of two, or a fun hike with the whole family. Buffalo Drive, South Park. (C.M.)

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Rick Handler

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