Texans Take on Steelers; “Birdman” Now Screening (CPs Mon., 10/20/14)

1) Tonight is the latest episode of the dramedy “As the Steelers Nation Turns.” Will the offense get on track? Can the defense stop anyone? Will Coach Tomlin take blame for anything? Will Steelers fans fall out of love? Stay tuned for answers to these and other burning questions. Tonight’s show is a western set in a steel town—as Houston’s Texans take on the Steelers—and features the storyline of J.J. Watt wanting to introduce himself to Ben Roethlisberger. Will Big Ben’s friends keep J.J. from annoying him? Tune in for this fall’s continuing saga. Show starts well past high noon ( at 8:30 p.m.) at Heinz Field, 100 Art Rooney Ave., North Shore.

2) Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton is a has-been actor famous for once having starred as a super hero … I mean, he’s playing a washed-up former movie star trying to resurrect his career by appearing on Broadway. That’s the basic plot of Birdman, a quirky, off-beat comedy/drama that also features Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone. Check Fandango for screens and times.


3) Fury  opened in theaters this past Friday, and Brad Pitt’s back to war-torn Nazi Germany, but this time the tone is far removed from that of Inglourious Basterds. Here he’s a sergeant going behind enemy lines in a very, very big tank in order to keep the Germans from breaking through a weak spot in the Allied lines. The most frightening part may be that sometimes Shia LaBeouf is in the tank with him. Check Fandango for screens and times.



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