The Pete Hosts The Killers; Rhythm of the Dance at Palace Theatre (Sun., 3/19/22)

1) Like a mirage in the desert, The Killers rose out of the town of Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2001. Reportedly, the band’s name is derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band that was featured in the music video for the New Order song “Crystal.” The name has served them well as they have cooked up some killer tuneage over the years including “Mr. Brightside,” “boy,” “When You Were Young,” and “Caution.”  The Killers latest album is Pressure Machine, released in 2021. The group stops at Petersen Events Center on their Exploding the Mirage Tour. 7:30 p.m. 3719 Terrace St., Oakland. (R.H.)

2) How true to its roots is the supposedly authentic Irish music and dance that we get? Maybe it’s best not to care, for as Louis Armstrong once observed, all music is “folk music”—horses don’t create it. The touring show Rhythm of the Dance, which has been circling the globe for the past 20 years and evolving as it goes, is a case in point. Produced by an outfit called National Dance Company of Ireland, the show features traditional Irish step dancers, and musicians with traditional instruments playing for the dances and songs. But there are many touches of modern showmanship as well, and it all seems to work out. Judge for yourself when Rhythm of the Dance visits The Palace Theatre for one performance only. 3 p.m. 21 W. Otterman St., Greensburg. (M.V.)

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