Tom Green at Improv, Vanessa Carlton at Club Cafe (CPs Fri., 11/29/13)

1) If you came of age in the late ’90s and had cable in your home, you probably remember Tom Green humping a dead moose by the side of the road and sneaking a cow’s head into his sleeping parents’ bed. Green’s wildly popular MTV show invented the prank comedy genre that’s been the lifeblood of network shows like “Punk’d” and “Jackass.” Fame based on infamy is hard to maintain, and Green couldn’t readily pull stunts on an unsuspecting public while on magazine covers. (Also, the less said about his first film the better.) But he’s been surprisingly smart and resilient for a guy known for rubbing his butt on things. Green has built a mini-empire of podcasts and other online media and has a respected stand-up career. His three-day stint at the Improv starts today. 8 and 10 p.m. 166 E. Bridge St., Homestead.

2) Vanessa Carlton’s chart-topping hit “A Thousand Miles” proved, during the Britney Spears era, that a piano-playing young woman could be wildly successful with music based on, ya know, traditional musical talent, and that the world is a better place for it. Carlton presented a youthful update on the Carole King/Carly Simon singer/songwriter shtick of the ‘70s, and since her 2002 breakthrough, she’s released a total of four albums, all while staying at odds with the industry and her own label to a degree that proves she’s still interesting. As she puts the finishing touches on her fifth disc, she’s on a tour that comes to Club Café today. 7 p.m. 56-58 South 12th St., South Side.

3) Black Friday usually involves some suburban moms acting like gangsters, clotheslining other moms for a $50 Blu-ray player at Best Buy. Instead of that, you can hang with actual gangsters — or at least hardcore hip-hop heads — today at Mr. Smalls. It’s hosting Black Friday: A Hip Hop Fashion Event. In addition to showcasing the latest urban wear, Black Friday will feature The Come Up as well as Joey Fattz, Beedie, BBG Boyz, Frat Gang, Yung Bru, WuLords, Jung Phil, Justuce Street Poets, KFMIstry, Fatal Prince Rock, and DJ Goodnight. It’ll be much more fun than going to Target at 5 in the morning for a freakin’ espresso maker for Uncle Carl. 8 p.m. 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale.

4) To answer your first question, the Joseph Sisters are actually sisters. Marybeth, Jamie, and Shalyn have been singing sweet, mellow country songs at churches, school functions, and state fairs since they were yay high. Making a go at doing it professionally, the young ladies have an album out and are on the road to places like Silks Lounge at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, where they’ll be today. 8 p.m. 210 Racetrack Rd., Washington.

5) One time, when Jazzam played the Thunderbird Café, the quintet went on for two and a half hours, playing a vast set of originals, covers, and improvisations that touched on jazz, funk, jam band-style riffs, and whatever else they felt like. The versatile musicians are back tonight for what promises to be another epic show. 9 p.m. 4023 Butler St. Lawrenceville.

6) Today at Heinz Field, the Pitt Panthers take on the University of Miami Hurricanes. 3:30 p.m. 100 Art Rooney Way, North Shore.

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