Torres in Concert at Club Cafe; Richard Gere Stars in ‘The Benefactor’ (Mon., 1/18/16)

1) Mackenzie Scott’s star is rising. As Torres, she has released two studio albums in two years, most recently 2015’s Sprinter. Pitchfork named her debut single, “Honey,” a best new track. Other cuts by Scott, like “Strange Hellos,” possess an energy reminiscent of early-career PJ Harvey and Nirvana. She’s also recorded with acclaimed singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten. You can hear Scott’s backing vocals on a couple of tracks off of Etten’s Are We There, an album which appeared on many a 2014 “best of” list. Scott is based in Brooklyn, but she tours often. She has opened for Van Etten as well as other musicians, including Garbage and Brandi Carlile. The 24-year-old Scott is currently headlining her own tour, including a stop at Club Cafe. This could very well be one of those shows where the artist has outgrown the venue in the short span between booking and performance. This is a great opportunity to see a rising talent in an intimate setting. Palehound open. 8 p.m. 56 – 58 S. 12th St., South Side. (CM)


2) The Benefactor  Richard Gere is in the middle of a career renaissance lately and has obviously been picking scripts meant to showcase his talent … in the hopes of garnering an Oscar nom. His other indie film this year was Time Out of Mind in which, nearly unrecognizable, he played a homeless man. With The Benefactor he’s gone to the other extreme playing a billionaire philanthropist in this debut feature film from writer/director Andrew Renzi. A fatal accident early on in the movie leaves Gere racked with sorrow, guilt and an addiction. To make amends he “adopts” a newlywed couple (played by Dakota Fanning and Theo James.) He buys them a house, pays off their student loans and gets the husband a great new job. That sounds like my kind of friend! But it all starts to go off the rails as Gere’s boundary issues come to the fore and all kinds of bad stuff starts happening. I guess it’s awful, but here’s the thing: All the crazy people in my life are poor—crazy rich folks would be a step up. Check Fandango for screens and times. (TH)

3) ) It’s Global Mondays at Cappy’s Cafe in Shadyside with imported bottled beers for only $3. While there, team up an import with a bowl of their scrumptious chili. 5431 Walnut St.