‘What the Constitution Means to Me’ Continues Onstage at City Theatre (Tues., 2/7/23)

WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME by Heidi Schreck. City Theatre. Through February 12.

Tami Dixon stars as Heidi in City Theatre's staging of 'What the Constitution Means to Me.' (Photo: Kristi Jan Hoover)

Tami Dixon stars as Heidi Schreck in City Theatre’s staging of ‘What the Constitution Means to Me.’ (Photo: Kristi Jan Hoover)

Peter Marks of the Los Angeles Times says, “It is an act of patriotism to see it.” Indeed, Heidi Schreck’s must-see show was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, earned two Tony nominations, and was produced for Amazon Prime Video this past October. Premiering on Broadway in the fall of 2019, its sold-out run was cut short by the pandemic, and is only now playing in regional theaters. Autobiographical in many ways, Schreck’s tale arises from the gumption of a teenage girl who once earned her entire college tuition by winning debate competitions centered on the famed document. Featuring Tami Dixon, Schreck’s character delivers funny and stinging stories of the powerful effects and disillusionments the US Constitution held for four generations of her family. City Theatre’s own production is directed by Marc Masterson. Witty, challenging, reverent and irreverent, this comic study of how America’s institutions interpret our country’s core values belies and beholds astonishment. Of course, the subject seems particularly timely, but that may be true of any year in our political history. See our review. What the Constitution Means to Me is onstage at City Theatre. 7 p.m. 1300 Bingham Street, South Side. (C.P.O.)

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