Yinzerfest Opens at D.L. Lawrence Convention Center (Thursday 4/25/24)

Dahntahn Pittsburgh, the capital of Yinzerville.

Dahntahn Pittsburgh, the capital of Yinzerville.

The study of American dialect suggests there are four, maybe five, “tongues” in this country exemplified by the use of second person plural pronouns. In the south, there’s “y’all.” In the rural mid-Atlantic, there’s “you’uns.” In the midwest, it’s “you guys.” And along the Jersey shore up through Brooklyn, the local pronoun is “youse.” Pittsburgh, of course, is a special place; only here do we say “yinz.” It’s a point of great pride (if not deprecative humor) we openly share. In fact, we love the distinctive pronoun so much, we gladly identify ourselves by it. After all, Georgians don’t refer to themselves as y’allers nor New Yorkers as yousers. But we—we who celebrate our multi-ethnic, can-do, and got the T-shirt history—are yinzers.

And, so, coming to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for four days in April this year is Pittsburgh Yinzerfest, a family-friendly celebration of all that our hometown holds dear. We’re talking chipped ham sammiches and pierogies, the Jaggerz and Joe Grushecky, and a slew of jagoff comedians. From Thursday, April 25 to Sunday April 28, four days of delectable dining demonstrations, curious crafts, ethnic eats, fan-favorite bands and riotous regional comics will all come together to share Pittsburgh’s unrivaled spirit. 

Thursday night features a musical line-up beginning with The Mazeroskis playing from 4:12  to 5:15 p.m. and Smells Like the 90’s, from 6 to 7 p.m. Headlining the evening will be a Celebratory Tribute to local icon Donnie Iris, featuring Joe Grushecky and The House Rockers with Rick Witkowski, Scott Blasey, Jeff Jimerson, Pete Hewlett, Hermie Granati, Kelsey Friday, Melinda Colaizzie, and Joe Wodarek starting at 8:30 p.m.. Friday night features (in order of appearance, beginning at 4 pm) Keely Singer, Totally 80’s, and the Jaggerz. Saturday evening’s musical score, beginning at 4 p.m., includes BB Steal 80’s Live, Bon Journey, and The Nied’s Hotel Band presenting a Yinzer Rock-n-Roll Tribute with Billy Price, Frank Czuri (of The Silencers,) KDKA radio’s Larry Richert, Jim Krenn, The Granati Brothers, Kenny Blake, and, Mia Z, a former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” Come back on Sunday and enjoy Ruffcreek, Joe Wodarek & the 51 South Band, and local country artist Amanda James from 1 to 5 p.m.. It’s a four day fest of oldies and originals performed by Pittsburgh’s finest.

Admission is free for kids under 12, and $18 for a full day of fun, food and festival fare.  A four-day pass is $60. And $1 from each admission will go to two local charities: Best of the Batch (batchfoundation.org) and Band Together Pittsburgh (bandtogetherpgh.org.) No parking chairs, babushkas or bumbershoots are necessary. It’s all indoors where there’s plenty of parking. Pittsburgh Yinzerfest promises to be plenny popular. So, unless you’re a rull jagoff, don’t yinz miss aht. David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Dahntahn. 

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