Robert Jon & The Wreck Ramble Along With New Singles and North American Tour

Robert Jon (seated) & The Wreck are entering the fast lane.

Robert Jon (seated) & The Wreck are in the fast lane.

Shortly after forming his southern rock influenced band in 2011, Robert Jon (Burrison) had a few dates lined up across America and took off on a tour. He said they didn’t quite have everything down pat, but learned more as they went along.  One of his tour stops he recalled in the early years of Robert Jon & The Wreck was a Pittsburgh performance at a bar and brewery. He and The Wreck will be performing at Jergel’s Rhythm Grille on Wednesday, December 6.

Robert Jon is the lead singer and guitarist. He grew up in Orange County, California, and says of his musical influences, “Oh man, the Allman Brothers are up there, that’s an obvious one. I tend to listen to them quite a bit, even Gregg Allman’s solo stuff. The Black Crowes would be up there quite a bit as well. I grew up on the classic rock side of things, my first concert was Boston. I listen to a lot of singer/songwriters…Ray Lamontagne, he’s one of my favorites.”

I asked Jon what touches make his music unique. He responded, “We’re from Southern California and we grew up listening to the Eagles quite a bit. I think we try some vocal harmonies on everything we can get our hands on.” Robert Jon & The Wreck have played large concerts with big names such as Peter Frampton, Buddy Guy, Rival Sons, and Joe Bonamassa.

Robert Jon & The Wreck signed with Bonamassa’s Journeyman record label in 2011. For their latest album, 2023’s Ride Into the Light, they had several all-star producers. Some tracks were recorded at the noted Henson Studios in Los Angeles with legendary producer Don Was. Other tracks were recorded in Nashville at RCA Studios with Dave Cobb producing.

When asked what impressed him about recording with Was and Cobb, he replied, “It was everything! Dave Cobb works quickly. We sat in the corner and figured out the song and then, boom, we were tracking. Was was similar. With Don it was making sure the vibe is good, everyone’s comfortable, and the take feels something. It was a blast to work with both of them. Each of them have their own greatness to them.”

The recording sessions were very successful, producing hot tracks from like “Come at Me,” “Pain No More,” not to mention the incredible title song. The tunes feature a fantastic rock/southern rock sound with all the accouterments including harmonic vocals, strong lead guitars, steady drums and bass guitar, and melodic keys. Since releasing Ride Into the Light in 2023, the group has delivered two additional singles: ”Stone Cold Killer” and “Hold On.” A new single is set to drop in December.

When asked if he was the main songwriter, Robert Jon said, “We’re pretty cohesive as a band, we’re all in the room together when we’re writing. There’s no one songwriter that brings everything. We do everything together. We work on everyone’s ideas and see what sticks.”

That’s good that everyone contributes as the band is quite prolific, releasing an album a year since 2015. When asked about that kind of drive, Jon  said, “We’re just trying to hit as hard as we can and at the same time make the best music we can and write the best songs. When we get that down we get into the studio and keep on pushing.” Indeed, Robert Jon & The Wreck will be pushing out a new album in 2024 continuing their streak.

The band is very talented and includes Warren Murrel (bass guitar), Henry James Schneekluth (lead guitars and vocals), Andrew Espantman (drums and backing vocals), and Jake Abernathie (keyboards). For tickets and more information visit Jergel’s Rhythm Grille.

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