afterwards mozart’s idomeneo reimagined

Last Day for Pgh Opera’s ‘AfterWARds’; Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ at The Playhouse; (Sun., 2/3/19)

‘AfterWARds,’ ‘The Old Man and the Sea’

' one of a multitude of multifarious shows on Pittsburgh stages in February. (photo: Matthew Murphy)

February Theater Guide: More Shows Per Day

The year’s shortest month offers a long list of choices in Pittsburgh theater.

(l to r) Idomeneo (Terrence Chin-Loy)

Pittsburgh Opera Staging ‘AfterWARds — Mozart’s Idomeneo Reimagined’; ‘Friends! The Musical Parody’ at Byham (Tues., 1/29/19)

‘AfterWARds — Mozart’s Idomeneo Reimagined,’ ‘Friends! The Musical Parody’


January Theater Guide: ‘Hamilton’ and Life Beyond ‘Hamilton’

Pittsburgh live theater this month offers some great shows. Including the one from that Miranda guy.

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