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Hemlock House in Regent Square.

Hemlock House Serving An Eclectic Menu in Regent Square; Quantum’s ‘Hamlet’ Opens at Carrie Furnace (Fri., 8/4/23)

Hemlock House, ‘Hamlet’

Hamlet speaks with the theatrical troupe as they enter the castle.

‘Hamlet’ Continues Run at The Public; Sienna Mercato Offers Three Floors of Food and Fun (Wed., 5/9/18)

‘Hamlet,’ Sienna Mercato

Queen Gertrude (Caris Vujec)

‘Hamlet’ Continues Run at The Public; Unblurred First Fridays on Penn Ave. (Fri., 5/4/18)

‘Hamlet,’ Unblurred: First Fridays on Penn Ave.

updated version in which Cinderella gets more than her prince. With the help of Fairy Godmother (L) and friends

May Theater Guide: Two of Everything?

Good things come in pairs, and there seem to be lots of them in Pittsburgh’s theater schedule this month.

the jester who amused him when he was a child. Photo: Michael Henninger.|Ted Pappas

The Public Staging ‘Hamlet’; Ecolution Fashion Show at Fairmont; Mr. Smalls Hosts Rick Astley (Thurs., 4/19/18)

‘Hamlet,’ Ecolution Fashion Show, Rick Astley

as played by Edwin Booth in 1870.|Charlotte Brontë was ahead of her time.|Canadian actor Kyle Cameron plays Sean in ‘The White Chip.’|O lucky man: Nemorino (tenor Dimitri Pittas

April Theater Guide: A Deluge of Strong Shows

Pittsburgh theater companies aren’t tripping lightly into spring; they’re storming in.

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