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Led by David Toole (as Guy) on the guitar and Kate Queen (Girl) on the piano, a rousing orchestra of ten strums, stomps, and stuns. (Photo: Matt Polk)

Irish Love and Music Story, ‘Once,’ Continues at PMT (Wed., 3/29/23)


A play with music, Once is a love story in which romance reverberates through song, not sex. Kate Queen and David Toole barely touch, but their chemistry is alive and alluring. (Photo: Matt Polk)

For the Love of the Irish, Look No More than PMT’s ‘Once’

When Irish eyes are smilin’—or blue—’Once’ is a musical that highlights both emotions with story and song.

PMT's 'Once' features a complex love story between an Irish street musician and a and a Czech immigrant. The show has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Olivier Award, and a Tony Award for it's music.

‘Once’ Opens at Pittsburgh Musical Theater (Thurs., 3/9/23)


Being in a marriage can be difficult at times, no more so than the six wives of Henry VIII. 'Six' the musical celebrates them as strong, independent women. (Photo: Joan Marcus)

March 2023 Theater Guide: On Mainstage in March, The Power of Passion

There’s something about Pittsburgh’s for fish fry’s… and its passion for good theater.

Pittsburgh CLO's 'Once' features a talented cast of actor/musicians. (photo: Matt Polk)

CLO Staging ‘Once’ at Benedum; Moraine State Park Regatta; Molly Hatchet Plays Wild Things Park (Sat., 8/3/19)

‘Once,’ Regatta at Lake Arthur, Molly Hatchet, Ace Frehley,

Having fun here are Jordan Savusa and Meghan Babbe in 'The Second City’s Greatest Hits: Volume 59.' (Photo: Tim Schmidt)

August Theater Guide: The REAL Exhibition Season

Pittsburgh’s theater schedule this month includes strong shows performed by first-string players.

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